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You don’t know her
You don’t know him
Why do you think you know better
How do you know who they are
Did you even talk to them
Of coarse you didn’t make the effort
So there you go making judgements
Over and over and over again
Looking them over telling yourself
They are what causes these problems
Well your not any better
Talking about what they must do
Without knowing yourself
Nobody cares
What you think you know
Facts are a matter
That is of coarse if your talking

Nothing is as it seems
Truth buried under lies
Those at the top
Heads so deep in lies
They believe themselves too much
They believe in money far too much
I wake up in the mornin
Wondering what’s the point of it all
Knowing only that hope is all
I stand under a clouded sky
Thinking out loud as I’m on my way
Seeing fragments of reality
Feed us like a prism with falsities
From those who could know better should know better
And we still don’t stand together
Still not hand in hand glaring at those liars
Still not joined under humanity without benefits
Not going there not going anywhere

Deep deep inside
Below what we know
Behind what we feel
It’s the facts of the matter
What makes us all go for it
It’s love in the purist light
It’s pain when we don’t wanna fight
We all are hidden in our shells
In our secret walls we want to cry
Only once in a while
Does someone climb the gates
To remind us what to stand up for
To show us what we are on the outside
So we can be better on the inside
So lets go and get it done
Show what were made of
Gotta move gotta move
We have to keep up
The world changes and so must we
The world spins on as do we

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